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Important notice:
The reader of these transcripts is cautioned that the transcription of a CVR or ATC tape is not a precise science but is the best possible product from a group investigative effort. The transcript, or parts thereof, if taken out of context can be misleading. Therefore, the CVR or ATC transcripts should only be viewed as an investigative tool to be used in conjunction with other evidence. Conclusions or interpretations should not be made using the transcript as the sole source of information.

Furthermore, the transcripts are made available for educational purposes, so the reader is encouraged to read the accident description associated with the transcripts for better understanding of the circumstances.

datesource accident circumstances
30-06-1962ATC South African DC-4 (collision with trainer)
07-07-1962ATC Alitalia Flight 771 (premature descent)
22-03-1964ATC MAS Flight 511 (gearcollapse on landing)
08-11-1965ATC American Flight 383 (crashed on finals)
30-06-1967ATC Thai Airways Flight 601 (crashed short into sea)
06-11-1967CVR TWA Flight 159 (overran after aborted takeoff)
21-03-1968CVR United Air Lines Flight 9963 (wrong takeoff configuration)
10-08-1968CVR Piedmont Flight 230 (loss of orientation in fog)
05-01-1969CVR Ariana Afgan Flight 701 (CFIT in fog)
20-03-1969ATC Douglas DC-3-216 N142D (crashed on landing)
05-07-1970CVR Air Canada Flight 621 (premature spoiler deployment)
08-12-1972CVR United Air Lines Flight 553 (stalled on approach)
29-12-1972CVR Eastern Air Lines Flight 401 (descended into swamp)
27-11-1973CVR Delta Air Lines Flight 516 (undershot runway on ILS approach)
10-09-1976ATC Inex Adria DC-9-31 / British Airways Trident (mid-air collision)
27-03-1977CVR KLM Flight 4805 and Pan Am Flight 1736 collision (runway incursion; collision)
04-04-1977CVR Southern Flight 242 (double engine failure in hailstorm)
02-09-1977CVR Transmeridian Flight 3751 (engine fire)
11-02-1978ATC Pacific Western Flight 314 (runway incursion)
25-09-1978CVR PSA Flight 182 (collision with Cessna)
23-12-1978CVR Alitalia Flight 4128 (Controlled flight into water)
28-11-1979CVR Air New Zealand Flight 901 (CFIT)
27-06-1980ATC Itavia Flight 870 Ustica (shootdown)
19-08-1980CVR Saudia Flight 163 (inflight fire)
02-06-1983CVR Air Canada Flight 797 (inflight fire)
01-09-1983CVR Korean Air Flight 007 (Shot down by Russian fighter)
22-03-1984ATC Pacific Western Flight 501 (uncontained engine failure)
23-06-1985CVR Air India Flight 182 (bomb explosion)
02-08-1985CVR Delta Flight 191 (Windshear)
12-08-1985CVR Japan Air Lines Flight 123 (loss of control after bulkhead failure)
31-08-1986CVR Aeromexico Flight 498 (midair collision)
14-10-1987CVR Zimex Hercules (Shootdown)
28-11-1987CVR South African Flight 295 (Inflight fire)
26-06-1988CVR Air France Flight 296Q (Collision with trees)
06-02-1989CVR Inter Cargo Service Flight 3132 (crashed into sea on takeoff)
08-02-1989CVR Independent Air Flight 1851 (CFIT)
07-06-1989CVR Surinam Airways Flight 764 (Crashed short in fog)
19-07-1989CVR United 232  
25-01-1990CVR Avianca Flight 052 (Fuel exhaustion)
01-02-1991ATC US Air Flight 1493 (Collision on ground)
03-03-1991CVR United Flight 585 (Loss of control)
26-05-1991CVR Lauda Air Flight 004 (Loss of control after inflight thrust-reverser deployment)
27-12-1991CVR SAS Flight 751 (Double engine failure after ice ingestion)
20-01-1992CVR Air Inter Flight 148 (CFIT)
31-03-1992CVR Trans-Air Service Flight 671 (engine separation)
08-06-1992CVR GP Express Airlines Flight 861  
04-10-1992ATC El Al Flight 1862 (engine separation)
21-12-1992CVR Martinair Flight 495 (windshear)
31-03-1993CVR Japan Air Lines Flight 46E (Engine separation in heavy turbulence)
17-08-1993CVR Metro II N220KC (belly landing)
18-08-1993CVR American International Flight 808  
14-09-1993CVR Lufthansa Flight 2904 (Overran runway into embankment)
04-11-1993CVR China Air Lines Flight 605 (Overran runway into water)
07-01-1994CVR United Express Flight 291 (stalled on approach)
04-04-1994CVR KLM Cityhopper Flight 433 (asymmetric power condition on go-around)
26-04-1994CVR China Airlines Flight 140  
02-07-1994CVR USAir Flight 1016 (windshear on finals)
31-10-1994CVR American Eagle Flight 4184 (icing-loss of control)
13-12-1994CVR American Eagle Flight 3379  
21-12-1994CVR Air Algerie / Phoenix Flight 702P (CFIT)
16-02-1995CVR Air Transport International, N782AL (Crashed on take-off)
08-06-1995CVR ValuJet Flight 597 (engine fire on takeoff)
21-08-1995CVR Atlantic Southeast Flight 529 (propblade separation)
16-09-1995CVR Tamair VH-NEJ (simulated engine fauilure on TO)
22-09-1995CVR Boeing E-3 USAF Yukla 27 (Birdstrike on take-off)
12-11-1995CVR American Airlines Flight 1572 (struck trees on finals)
20-12-1995CVR Tower Air Flight 41 (Skidded off runway on takeoff)
06-02-1996CVR Birgenair Flight 301 (Crashed in sea)
11-05-1996CVR ValuJet Flight 592 (Inflight fire)
17-07-1996CVR TWA Flight 800 (fuel tank explosion)
17-07-1996ATC TWA Flight 800 (fuel tank explosion)
29-08-1996CVR Vnukovo Flight 2801 (CFIT)
05-09-1996CVR FedEx Flight 1406 (inflight fire)
25-09-1996ATC PH-DDA (loss of control after engine failure)
08-10-1996CVR Aeroflot Flight 9981 (struck barn on go-around in fog)
19-10-1996CVR Delta Airlines Flight 554 (descent below glidepath)
22-12-1996CVR Airborne Express Flight 827 (during a stall recovery attempt)
06-08-1997ATC Korean Air Flight 801 (CFIT)
07-08-1997CVR Fine Air Flight 101 (cargo shift on take-off)
26-09-1997ATC Garuda Flight 152 (CFIT)
16-02-1998CVR China Air Lines Flight 676 (crashed on approach)
02-09-1998ATC Swissair Flight 111 (cockpit fire)
11-11-1998CVR Asiana Flight 221 (ground collision with Aeroflot Il-62)
11-12-1998ATC Thai Airways Flight 261 (crashed on approach)
15-04-1999CVR Korean Air 6316 (loss of control after takeoff)
01-06-1999CVR American Flight 1420 (overshot runway in poor weather)
31-10-1999ATC Egyptair Flight 990 (loss of control; possibly pilot induced)
12-11-1999CVR UN Flight KSV 3275 (CFIT)
12-12-1999CVR IAI 1124A Westwind N50PL accident (horizontal stabilizer failure)
22-12-1999CVR Korean Air 8509 (ADI failure)
10-01-2000CVR Crossair 498  
13-01-2000CVR Avisto HB-AAM (ditching)
31-01-2000CVR Alaska Airlines Flight 261 (loss of control; stab. jackscrew failure)
31-01-2000ATC Alaska Airlines Flight 261 (loss of control; stab. jackscrew failure)
16-02-2000CVR Emery Flight 17  
17-03-2000CVR Dassault Falcon 900 N814M accident (overran runway)
25-05-2000CVR Air Libert MD-83/Streamline Shorts 330 (runway incursion; collision)
19-07-2000CVR Airwave Flight 9807 (loss of control)
25-07-2000CVR Air France Flight 4590 (fire following tire failure)
23-08-2000CVR Gulf Air Flight 072 (lost control during go-around)
31-10-2000CVR Singapore Airlines Flight 006 (takeoff from wrong runway)
31-01-2001ATC Japan Air Lines Boeing 747-446D / DC-10-40 (near mid-air collision)
04-07-2001CVR Vladivostokavia Flight 352 (entered flat spin)
11-09-2001ATC American Airlines Flight 11 (hijacked & crashed)
11-09-2001ATC United Airlines Flight 175 (hijacked & crashed)
11-09-2001ATC American Airlines Flight 77 (hijacked & crashed)
01-07-2002ATC DHL B757 / Bashkirian Tu-154 collision  
08-11-2002CVR Westwind N61RS  
21-12-2002CVR TransAsia Flight GE791 accident (lost control)
22-06-2003CVR Air France/Brit Air 5672  
04-02-2004ATC Expo Aviation Ilyushin 18D  

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